Build a Brave Testimony

64% of young people, ages 13–24, actively seek out pornography weekly or more often. [from NCOSE]

44% of males aged 11–16 who viewed pornography reported that online pornography gave them ideas about the type of sex they wanted to try. [from NCOSE]

The age of innocence is over.

All around us men we admired are being exposed for acting out their sexual dysfunction, sexual dysphoria is on the rise and internet pornography is accessible at a younger and younger age. As bad as Hollywood sexual-misconduct-scandals are right now, what can we expect from the next generation of over-sexualized future leaders bathed in normalized pornography? When there are poor or no healthy, wholehearted sexuality examples we abdicate our responsibility, leaving porn and politicized opinions to raise our children.

Where are all the great Men?

We must be the change we want to live in. Men, fathers, brothers, husbands, you are needed more than ever before to model and boldly redefine wholehearted sexuality. Your voice counts, but it starts with you becoming powerful and free. We need a generation of men brave enough to confront their own struggle and shame, rebuild the sense of wholehearted sexuality, so they can be a source of strength and blessing to this next generation..

The Wholehearted

We may not be able to define it, but we know it when we meet a truly wholehearted man. There is something about them that inspires us, demands our attention and makes us want to be better human beings.

They are stubbornly joyful and grateful, confident, compassionate, courageous in their vulnerability and they cultivate rich, deep, long-lasting connections with God and others.

Their sense of self-worth is never threatened by the success of others and they remain unmarred by the shame that others seem to experience in failure.

Wholehearted Sexuality

For men, our sexuality can form the impetus for all we do. We can feel a ton of shame around the areas of sexuality especially if we have a “sex problem”, but it’s the starting point for us to go deeper, develop real authenticity, self-compassion, resilience, gratitude, joy, intuition, trust, creativity, play, rest and peace.

Wounds and pain remind us of our humanity and serve as an honest ground zero to finding our authenticity.

If we make belonging the only goal we tend to sacrifice authenticity.

Graeme Morris

Shame grows in silence

Get the help you need to be honest with yourself and others, resist and starve out the enemy, and break the cycle once and for all.

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“We tend to normalize what we tolerate and can’t seem to overcome. We trivialize the dysfunction we feel entitled to and hopeless to overcome.”

Graeme Morris

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

Nelson Mandela