Graeme J Morris

As we begin our journey together know that I write this because of the victories. love and hope I have experienced fighting for freedom from a history of sexual abuse, sexual dysfunction and brokenness. Seven years into my fragile marriage, my wife’s secret tears and prayers took effect, and I finally got the supernatural courage to fight for the healing of my broken heart and marriage. Through it all I have been delivered from a sexual addiction and many fears, conquered more and more temptations and become stronger and freer than I ever thought possible. My marriage is thriving, I have strong connections with my children and I have a wealth of friendships.
So I write with a deep understanding of this struggle, of the fight it demands and the reward of deep, unconditional love and wholehearted, meaningful relationships with God and others. It’s my desire that this will be your testimony too.

The testimony of the brave.

My name is Graeme J Morris
I fought back.